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About Pine Perks

  • 1. What is Pine Perks?

    Pine Perks is a platform that enables buying and gifting of Gift Vouchers from popular Brands. Pine Perks is a robust, reliable platform built by Pine Labs - a leader in Payment Solutions for Point of Sale, trusted by top retailers across India. To know more, read About Us.

  • 2. Can I trust the Pine Perks for making Payments?

    Pine Perks uses Payment Gateway from Pine Labs which is PCI-DSS complaint. So, your transactions are 100% secure on this platform.

  • 3. Is my personal information safe to be shared?

    We encourage you to share basic personal information that will help us improve your user experience by sending you relevant communication. We do not share your personal information to third parties. You can read the complete details in the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions documents.

User Profile

  • 1. Why must I login to Pine Perks?

    You can explore the app or website without logging in, but to buy a Gift Voucher, send a Gift Voucher or to send a personalized greeting to a friend, you must Login or Register with Pine Perks so that we can save your information.
    If you’ve been sent a Gift from another user, you would have received the Login details as an SMS to your Mobile Number. If you still can’t remember your user details, you can reset your password by clicking on ‘Forgot Password’ and providing your Mobile Number (to which the Gift was sent). You can then set a new password after confirming your Phone Number.

  • 2. How can I change my Mobile Number in Pine Perks?

    You can make the changes in your profile and verify your new number by entering the OTP. Once updated, you can login to your Pine Perks account using your new Mobile Number.

  • 3. I was gifted an amount by my Corporate on my Email id. Do I need to provide my Mobile Number?

    Yes, we would need you to validate your mobile number before placing the order, to ensure secure all further transactions. For some vouchers, an OTP is sent to your verified mobile number for secure transactions. In case you’d like to generate the OTP in advance, you can do so through the ‘Generate OTP’ link in the ‘My Vouchers’ section. This OTP will be valid for 30 min.

Pine Perks Wallet

  • 1. When does a Pine Perks Wallet get enabled?

    A wallet is enabled for only those users who have been gifted by a Corporate. Users who have created an account by themselves do not have a Wallet account with Pine Perks, and can make payments directly by using Payment Gateway.

  • 2. What are the different Wallets available in Pine Perks?

    The total amount available in a Wallet is displayed on the homepage. On tapping this section, the user is taken to ‘My Account History’ which shows the Balance and Transaction details of all the
    a. Rewards Wallet - The amount gifted by a Corporate gets reflected in this section. This wallet is also activated once a user redeems a Rewards Coupon given by a Corporate or Brand.
    b. Fuel Wallet - This wallet gets activated if a Corporate has opted to distribute Fuel Allowances through Pine Perks.
    c. Meal Wallet - This wallet gets activated if a Corporate has opted to distribute Tax-saving Meal Allowances through Pine Perks.
    d. Pine Wallet - This wallet gets activated if a Pine Perks Sigma Card is linked with the user account.

  • 3. The amount in my wallet is over, how can I load my wallet to buy Gift Vouchers?

    You need not load the wallet. Just utilize the remaining amount in the wallet and pay the remaining using Credit/ Debit Card or Net-banking options through the Payment Gateway.

Placing Orders

  • 1. What kind of Orders can I place using Pine Perks?

    You can buy Gift Vouchers from a wide range of popular brands available on Pine Perks. You can also send a Gift to your loved ones by customizing Greeting Templates for various occasions exclusively available on Pine Perks. You can also add a Gift Voucher to send to your friend. Your friend can also share your thoughtful gesture with friends through social media platforms.

  • 2. How does ordering of Gold Coins work?

    Gold Coins ordered on Pine Perks are processed by Bluestone. Once you place an order for a Gold Coin, the order will be sent as per the details of the recipient provided by you (you or the giftee, whichever applicable). A representative from Bluestone will contact the concerned person to provide the address where the Gold coin needs to be sent.




Meal and Fuel Wallet Amount

  • 1. How can I check the balance of my Meal/ Fuel Wallet?

    In the app, the Total Balance in all Wallets combined gets displayed on the homepage. On tapping the section, you’ll be led to ‘My Wallet Balance’ section where you can see the balance and transaction details for all your active Wallets. On the website, the Balances can be seen in the drop down menu of the user’s section on the homepage. The details of the account can be accessed in the ‘My Account History’ section.

  • 2. How can I consume the Meal and Fuel amount given by my Corporate?

    On the app, you can tap on the Meal/ Fuel Wallet icons given on your homepage of the app, and buy Gift Vouchers that are eligible to be bought with the respective wallets. On the website, the Brand featured under Meal and Fuel Wallet can be separately filtered in the ‘Buy Vouchers’ section.
    You can also visit the outlets listed under the Pine Perks’ Stores section, and provide your mobile number and OTP to securely consume your Wallet amount.

Pine Perks Cards

Pine Perks Gift Cards

  • 1. Usage and Applicability
  • 2. Validity and Limit
  • 3. Activation and linking
  • 4. Onboarding

Pine Perks Meal Cards

  • 1. Usage and Applicability
  • 2. Validity and Limit
  • 3. Activation and linking
  • 4. Onboarding


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